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Last Updated - Sunday 21st June


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The Meadows is a no-go for the Edinburgh skatepark

 Wireworks skatepark

Scotland's newest and biggest skatepark is looking to open in October 2003. It is called the Wireworks and is in Granton, Edinburgh. Ramps and layout for the 30,000 sq foot facility are still being worked out but rumors have it that the Redbull ramp might have a new home?

Perth Skatepark

An amazing skatepark in Perth - It's different from your usuall parks, and probably better. Some pictures don't do anything for it. It's possibly one of the best in Scotland, if not, one of the best. It's definitly worth a look!

The Aberdeen Skate Park

A good time can be had here, first glance - not much happaning but look closer and you'll see the hidden qualities of this park. If you want a challenge or a change this is definitly a park for you to go to! It was only meant to be visiting for a week but then council bought it.

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Here is one of the world's premier skateparls -  the PlayStation SkatePark! There's only one-way to understand it properly; go down and ride the ramps. If you are just thinking about going, or have just found out about it don't hesitate to start planning! If you are a skater needing a challenge or is just simply looking to have a good time the Playstation is for you!

So Get Your Friends And Get Your Butts Down There For The Skate Of Your Life!

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